Turn your Minecraft in bona-fide Survival simulator


Turn your Minecraft in bona-fide Survival simulator

Minecraft offers many survival-based mechanisms that players can master. Survival in Minecraft is not easy due to the mobs, hunger and crafting systems.

Players may feel the need to have more experiences after their first few playthroughs. Perhaps to make the game more difficult, or to spice up a survival server or world. This list contains the top five mods that have revolutionized Minecraft's survival mechanics.

5) Lycanites Mobs

Lycanites Mobs, one of the most well-known mods for Minecraft, adds new mobs. This mod adds over 20 mobs to Minecraft along with three bosses that are extremely difficult.

Regular mobs should not be taken lightly. They can easily one-shot players if they're not properly geared. This mod will make it much more difficult for players to survive.

4) Survive

The Survive mod adds many new survival mechanisms to which players will need to adapt, as the title might suggest. This includes temperature, which is affected by the current biome's heat and cold.

Stamina is another new mechanic that was added to this mod. This mod means players can no longer run indefinitely and must stop running once in a while to replenish their stamina.

3) Extended Caves

Caves in vanilla Minecraft survival can be quite boring. Extended caves mod aims to change that by adding interesting cave structures.

These huge structures can be enormous and full of monsters. To avoid alarming hostile cave residents, those brave enough to attempt this mod should be careful.

2) Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest, which has been downloaded over 55 million times, is the most loved Minecraft horror mod. It adds a whole new dimension to the game.

This mod offers Minecraft players a completely new survival experience with numerous biomes and bosses. Each of the new biomes, bosses, and mobs has unique loot that can be used to spice up Minecraft vanilla mechanics.

1) Ice and Fire Dragons

Ice and Fire is the last mod, but not least. This mod adds a wide range of dragons to Minecraft's world.

These dragons can dramatically change the experience of Minecraft and have the ability to shoot down undergeared players. It's not easy work but it is worth it in the end. Dragon drops are obtained by killing a dragon, which can then be used to create some of the most beautiful armor in the game.