Parkour servers!


Parkour servers!

Minecraft parkour servers have been wildly popular ever since the game's conception 11 years ago.

Players have long wished to push their game's movement limits over the years. You can achieve this by finishing challenging “parkour maps”, which are specially designed and built to challenge you. The goal is to beat all of the parkour courses.

Parkour servers are not a new concept to Minecraft. The genre has evolved from a handful of dedicated parkour servers to a multitude of Minecraft server types that offer parkour.

This list will outline the absolute best Minecraft servers for parkour to give a try. These servers can be trusted for a fun and intense virtual jumping session. These are the top parkour servers available for Minecraft players in 2021.


Mox MC has a variety of parkour maps that players can experience. They are suited to different skill levels. Mox MC rewards those who complete its parkour challenges by giving them custom-made tags and items.

It is very easy to access parkour on the server. Potential players simply need to join the server by typing “/warp Parkour” into chat. They will be taken to a custom-built parkour map.

Other exciting minigames are also available on the server, including maze events and many more.


Minr (IP:

Minr, a Minecraft server, is more than 10 years old. Minr has continuously improved its vast array of parkour maps over this long period.

Parkour maps are available on the server for all levels of skill, even beginners who may be interested in learning more.


Happy-HG (IP : mc.happy–

Happy HG is a popular Minecraft server that offers several game modes including parkour. This server allows players to refine their parkour skills by using maps that target specific areas.

The server also has maps for “ladder parkour”, and “slime parksour”, which allow players to improve specific areas that they find difficult.


Mineplex (IP :

Mineplex is a well-known and long-standing Minecraft server. It is a popular server among Minecraft multiplayer players for many years.

Mineplex has many game modes to choose from, but the “Dragon escape”, a highly entertaining game mode that allows players to escape from a dragon, is what makes it stand out among top parkour servers. This game mode requires players to use their parkour skills in order to escape a dragon that is rapidly approaching them.

The Dragon escape game mode was created exclusively for Mineplex. It is an incredibly thrilling experience to enjoy. It is a must-try for any Minecraft parkour fan.


ParkourCraft (IP:

ParkourCraft is smaller than some of the others, but still offers a large selection of parkour-based plugins and maps.

ParkourCraft's unique feature is that players receive in-game coins when they complete parkour maps. These coins can be used to purchase cosmetic features and perks in-game, such as colorful chat tags and cool hats.