Minecraft outdated server error fix


Minecraft outdated server error fix

One thing that has kept Minecraft players coming back over the years is its ability to play with their friends. Although creating a custom server is easier than ever, there are now services that allow players to host their server for a monthly fee. However, this title can still cause annoying headaches for players and prevent them from playing with friends.

These server problems can cause frustration and even drive players away. There are simple and quick solutions, which players should look into before attempting anything else.

How to fix Minecraft's error with outdated servers

Double-check Minecraft and server versions

The easiest way to identify issues is to add the server and refresh the server listing. This will show you the compatible versions of Minecraft with the server.

If the server is different from the one the player is currently running, they will need exit the game and then use the launcher for a compatible installation. Then, relaunch the game.

You and the server should not be operating in beta versions

The game will not connect to the server if either the server or player is using a beta version.

Players must ensure they are on the same server and realm as the beta version in such a situation. They can switch to non-beta versions of the game to try again.

This means that any player who uses a snapshot to view future content will be unable to join servers using a different snapshot. This also means that all servers created on a snapshot require all players to be on one snapshot in order to join.

For game updates, check the Appstore app on your device

Players who are using Bedrock Edition mobile version can fix the outdated server error by going back to the Appstore for iOS or Google Playstore for Android and checking if there have been any updates. Update the game to fix the problem and try again connecting to the server.

What should you do if everything else fails?

There are two possible solutions if a player fails to connect to the server/realm after trying all of the above steps.

Players can reset their internet router if there is no explanation for the failure to connect. This will ensure that all strange happenings are fixed when the router is restarted. To ensure that multiplayers work properly, players can also check the router settings.

Mojang support is the second option. They can either recommend what to do or you can check online to find out if the title is experiencing any issues.