How to get diamond sword in Minecraft dungeons


How to get diamond sword in Minecraft dungeons

The unique-grade melee weapon, the Minecraft Dungeons diamond sword, is more intimidating than its counterpart.

While it isn't the most powerful melee weapon that a hero can find in Minecraft Dungeons (or even the best), diamond swords look fantastic and can be used as melee weapons in the mid- to late game. Heroes will be better equipped to find other melee weapons as the difficulty increases. There are several ways players can find their own diamond sword.

The options for Minecraft Dungeons heroes who want a diamond sword are many. They can loot it in specific locations, buy it from a merchant or get it from an Ancient Hunt mob. These methods can all be used, although some might work better than others. Players may also prefer one method over another.

Minecraft Dungeons allows players to find diamond swords using the following methods.

Looting locations

If you are looking for a diamond sword to drop in Minecraft Dungeons, there are four places that can help: Creeper Woods Creepy Crypt Pumpkin Pastures and the Nether Weeds.


You can also loot them in adungeon. Once they have been unlocked, and appear at a hero's camp, you can purchase diamond swords from the Luxury or Piglin merchants. Although the Luxury merchant is expensive and the Piglin trader requires gold, the ever-changing inventories of both merchants can sometimes offer a chance to purchase a diamond sword directly.

Ancient Hunts

Players can find ancient enemies in Ancient Hunts in Minecraft Dungeons. The Grim Guardian is a particular enemy that can drop a diamond sword if defeated. This is a variant on the common zombie mob and can be summoned by players who have at least one “A” and two “I” ranes. It is protected by six necromancer bobs that can heal it and possesses a variety of enchantments.

Although it can be difficult to defeat the Grim Guardian, a victory can earn a player a diamond sword. This is not guaranteed, however, because the Grim Guardian can drop Titan's Shroud, Wither Armor, and melee weapons Sinister Sword, and Hawkbrand.