Best endgame farms in Minecraft


Best endgame farms in Minecraft

Minecraft allows players to acquire many different types of items and blocks. They can be purchased manually but it takes a lot of time to obtain large quantities. To efficiently collect resources, players have the option to build farms.

Most players built basic farms in the beginning, such as cow crushers, wool farmers, spawned-based farms, and so on. As players progress, however, they will be able to build massive farms.

Endgame content allows players to take on large challenges such as building large farms. This article will share some Minecraft farm designs with endgame players.

5) Void trading

It is still a debateable issue whether trading with villager farmers is farming. It is undisputed that villager trading is the best way to obtain many items. Villager trading has one downside: each trade is limited in trade.

Once they reach the outer islands, players are able to build a void trade hall. The end gateway allows you to trade infinitely with any villager in void trading halls.

4) Gold + Bartering Farm

For a long time, gold farms have been around. The basic principle behind gold farms has not changed despite numerous game updates. All other plugins nearby will attack the player if one zombified Piglin is harmed.

To kill zombified piglins and earn gold, players can lure them into an entity crusher. You can connect this farm to bartering systems in order to obtain all projects from the same farm.

3) Iron farms

Iron is a very useful resource in Minecraft. Iron ingots can be obtained by players who abuse the iron golem spawning system.

There are many sizes and shapes of iron farms. Players can create large iron farms to supply multiplayer servers if they have sufficient resources.

2) Guardian farms

Farming guardians allows players to access an unlimited supply of prismarine as well as XP. Beautiful textures such as dark prismarine, sea lamps, and other blocks make them stand out.

Endgame players will find it easier to drain the ocean monument and build a guardian farm. Because of the cod that guardians have dropped, it will become a sustainable food source.

1) Wither farm

Minecraft allows players to farm any boss mobs. Due to its low XP, farming the ender dragon is difficult. Endgame players have the option to build a Wither farm, which will kill boss mobs and suffocate them in bedrock.