Which Electric Kettle Performs The Best?

So if you’re like me, you love getting new products displayed in your kitchen. I always wanted the best electric kettle I could find therefore I searched high and low to make sure that out of all my friends I had the best one currently on the market.

If you’re looking for the best electric kettle 2018 I highly suggest you keep reading this article as I’ll be going over various models and brands that I like and which ones I will have in my future and past homes.

secura electric kettleStarting us off I would like to recommend Secura as an amazing kettle brand. Not only are these durable and last forever, but they also have a really high powered heating instrument that allows me to get my water boiled in just under one minute. This is very different from the Royal Electric kettle that is also available as that one is a lot slower and much more difficult to use and configure.

Once you order an electric kettle the next issue is setting it up and making sure its good to go at a moments notice. Often times I wake up in the morning and only have 5-10 minutes to get my tea or coffee down, therefore I have to make sure that my electric kettle is reliable and can boil my water in just a couple minutes or less. In my husband’s case, he needs his water boiled in just 30 seconds, therefore, he goes for the Hamilton Beach kettle as this one has the fastest boiling time in the industry.

If you’re more like my son who is lazy and has more time on his hands, then you can go for the Cuisinart kettle. This one is a much slower but it keeps clean and has less limescale, so you won’t have to worry about drinking those chunks of calcium that appear in your filter on other kettles.

Redragon M711 COBRA Review

Computer gaming has reached a new level in the 21st century. A vast range of gaming mouse products is available nowadays and it is hard to choose the right gaming mouse as it comes in different ranges. Redragon is a recognized name in the world of gaming and the new Redragon M711 COBRA Gaming Mouse is just amazing with its advanced features and simplicity. Redragon has had raving reviews from places such as TheTechInsider.

Advanced features

Redragon M711 COBRAThe Redragon M711 COBRA Gaming Mouse comes with the new 10000 DPI optical sensor that offers advanced surface calibration support and pixel-precise tracking. This gaming mouse has also got the Redragon RGB lighting with true 16.8 million customizable color options that make it unique and attractive. The killer control and high-performance of this mouse are designed to give you a great gaming experience.

Ergonomic design for gamers

If we look closely into the specifications, we see the ergonomic right-handed design and textured rubber grips for your easiness and control.  It is designed in a way that easily fits under the palm and the distinct design will give a different hand feeling to the gamers. In many cases, gamers face many difficulties with the shape of the mouse that prevents gaming for long hours; however, you will not face such difficulties with this one.

Macro settings and 7 different programmable buttons

You also get the RGB lighting features along with 16.8 million customizable options for color. You also get 7 different buttons with tilt-click scroll wheel. Each button has their functions that you can see after installing the software.  The best thing about this mouse is that you can customize your mouse according to your requirement with the help of the macro editing function available in this device.

5 levels adjustable DPI

Adjustable DPI is another advanced feature comes with this gaming mouse. Now you can set different DPI according to your requirements. The default DPI is 500 and you can go 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 from time to time. You can change the color to red/ blue/ green/ yellow/ purple as per your need. The most surprising part is that you can adjust the DPI to 10000 in order to match the speed of the mouse as many games demand such swiftness and color supports. You can also adjust it according to your personal preferences as well.


Redragon is a familiar name when it comes to high-end gaming products and types of equipment. The brand has been serving over the decades and they need no introduction to the world of gaming. You can find a lot of brands in the segment of gaming mice; however the design, advanced features, and quality are making it more popular among the gamers. Redragon M711 COBRA Gaming Mouse is designed for the dedicated gamers and it is ideal for playing high-end computer games. Redragon M711 COBRA Gaming Mouse comes at an affordable price as well, which is another reason for its popularity.